Facial Thread Veins

Facial thread veins (spider veins) and red spots are thin dilated capillaries.

The vast majority of facial thread veins are bright red, very thin and, when you push on them with a finger, they blanch, filling almost immediately afterwards.

Removal of these veins can be achieved by electrolysis/diathermy. When treated to the right depth, the heat produced by the electric current destroys the blood vessel. This then heals by fibrosis ensuring the blood vessel will never reappear. Although other facial thread veins can form, the treated vessel destroyed by heat will never re-open again.

It is virtually a painless procedure with no anaesthetic required.

In trained hands Advanced Electrolysis is a highly effective treatment. It is almost impossible to permanently scar the skin using the correct procedure and is usually the least expensive way to treat this condition.

Dr Simon Lam is fully qualified to carry out this procedure and is happy to offer a free consultation before any treatment is planned.